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One of the important vital sources for all living beings is water. From the smallest living organism to the bigger life forms, all biological life and human activities depending on water and only 0,3% of the water sources are in available and drinkable quality. Unfortunately scientific researches show us obviously that the quantity of available water supplies will be not sufficient at the future because of rapid population growth, pollution, global warming and so many other reasons.

Also of discharge of the wastewaters without treatment from the cities and industries is causing rapid contamination of the clean and available water supplies which is leading a crisis for the clean and available water supply globally.

Unprotecting water supplies will cause deterioration at the natural biological diversity and human life quality. The quality of the water is not only important for human health and environment but also important for lifetime of the equipment and machinery (Boiler, washing machine, dish machine etc.) working with water.

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The necessity for the treatment of the municipal wastewater became much more essential and important with increasing population and developing city life. The requirement for people to live socially and economically much more clean and healthy environment; make the construction of treatment plants must in order to prevent the pollution of receiving environment such as lake, river and sea.

TES WATER GROUP is aiming much more livable cities and environment protection at highest standards by offering high-tech products and services for wastewater treatment. We are offering best solution for the design, construction and operation of the each step of the municipal wastewater treatment plants with an understanding of solution focused engineering.

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Our company, which has been a pioneer in the treatment sector, has initiated a work in 2014 on recovering the domestic wastewater as drinking water for a region abroad which had been suffering in terms of drinking water supply.

The geographical, climate and area conditions of the region were examined and our team was engaged for the most appropriate solution. By appropriate process and mechanic equipment preferences of our engineering staff, an applicable project design was realized.

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It is inevitable for industrialization and agricultural activities, along with the increasing population on the world, to consume limited underground and aboveground resources. The fact that the decreasing resources become unusable, the problem of water supply becomes an important issue. This necessitates to use and develop such technologies that will protect and save an important source like water by time. Thanks to sea waters, an alternative solution to the ever-decreasing freshwater resources has been established and sea water treatment systems are getting more and more important.

Sea water and salty groundwaters are not suitable for direct use due to their salt content. Various methods have been developed for the removal of the said salt. Reverse Osmosis method, especially at low capacities, is more economical than other methods. Reaching all over the world with the same quality of service, Tes Water Group cleans the sea water from its salinity by using Reverse Osmosis Systems; and makes it suitable to use for drinking, use and processing water.

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Neutralization systems are used to take the pH value of the wastewater to 6-9, before it is released to the receiving environment. Liquid waste from laboratories serving in different sectors, especially hospital laboratories, cannot be sent directly to sewage.

Therefore, such waste waters must be subjected to a pre-treatment phase of neutralization and disinfection. Thus, the liquids with acidic or alkaline properties have been balanced in terms of pH; the generation of pathogenic organisms such as bacteria, virus etc. that it will contain will be prevented.The tests performed in hospitals’ laboratories are carried out with fully automated devices called auto analyzer. Liquid wastes from these devices are considered medical liquid wastes and are included in the hazardous waste class.

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TES Water Group has become the Turkey Distributor of World Giant Mitsubishi Chemical.

TES Water Group, which has been providing services in Water and Wastewater Treatment sector since 1997, has added a new product in its vast portfolio. TES Water Group has become the distributor of Mitsubishi Chemical, which is one of the leading brands of MBR production in the world. TES Water Group became the sole authorized […]

TES WATER GROUP SPONSOR of Africa – Turkey – Francophonie Day /17 March 2017

On March 17, 2017, the first meeting focused on trade between Africa and Turkey using French language was held in Istanbul. The event called “Africa / Turkey – Francophonie” was organized by lepetitjournal.com in Istanbul with the support of the French State Secretariat for Development of Francophonie. TES WATER GROUP was one of the sponsors of […]

Between 02 – 03 November 2016, TES Water Group was present at the Turkey-Africa Economic Summit

TES Water Group attended the Turkey-Africa Economic Summit in Istanbul, from 2 to 3 November 2016; during this important event, the Turkey’s President His Excellency Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN, affirmed his desire to establish lasting and mutually beneficial economic relations between Africa and Turkey. More than 1,500 representatives of companies from 50 different African Countries were […]

We continue international delivery of our systems

The Package Type Biological Treatment System, which has been manufactured by TES WATER GROUP for the purpose of the domestic water treatment, was delivered to Afghanistan in March.  Many of these package systems have been already established in different regions and cities in Turkey and continue to be established in Afghanistan, Iraq, Algeria, Iran and […]

Loading starts for Kazakhstan

We completed the manufacturing stage for our project in Kazakhstan that entails obtaining clean drinking and household water from domestic wastewater. In addition to many processes to ensure physical and biological purification, the project will include advanced treatment methods and various disinfection methods. Our technical staff is getting ready to travel to Turkmenistan for the […]

From Biological Wastewater to Drinking Water

Our Company, which is Pioneer of the “first Companies” in treatment sector, initiated a study in the last year on making waste water suitable for potable water by being recycled for a region abroad having problem on supply of the potable water. At first, an applicable project design was realized with the most proper process […]

Iraq Erbil Construction Site Completed

Our technical team who traveled to Erbil in January 2015 for the installation and commissioning of our obtaining clean water from domestic wastewater project we have undertaken in Erbil, returned after completing the installation of the system despite adverse weather conditions. During the site work which lasted for about 10 days, our technical team installed […]

Product & Services

In the last two months, Tes Water Group has delivered Package Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems to cities around Turkey such as Osmaniye, Karaman, Muğla and Samsun. These systems designed for domestic biological wastewater are compact package systems as can be seen. Package treatment systems are portable and easy to install systems with low operating and […]

R&D and Innovation Studies

Package Biological Treatment Systems used in Wastewater Treatment for local solutions may cause serious damage to nature and employers due to incorrect specifications, faults in manufacturing and also rivalry between the companies.

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